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Breek 30
1671 GE Medemblik  Routeplanner
Take away counter: mo, tu, th and fr from 9.00 A.M. till 3.00 PM. Wednesday from 9.00 A.M. till 1.00 PM


VAT nr. NL857206321B01
IBAN NL06RABO0316007420
Swift : RABONL2U

Below a few question which are frequently asked. If your question is not answered here, please contact us

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I cannot find an article?

NB We can only deliver you what is mentioned on our website. We cannot deliver separate parts, partly connecting the high costs of processing.

On the page "All items" you find all groups of articles, you can also search for articles extraordinarily quick with:


Why do I have to login?

If you have placed an order at us before, or if you have accomplished a special discount connecting a big acquisition, we give you a login code.

Nadat u ingelogd bent:

Moreover, our system adds the amounts of you order(s) and as soon as you reached the order amount of €; 500 you get an extra discount! As soon as you login you also see the prices changing immediately.


I lost my login code. What to do?

Fill your e-mail address in below and click on ‘Send’. You receive an e-mail from us with your login code.


I would like to place an order but I get the message that my address etc. Is already known?

In that case you have placed an order before (under the given e-mail address). You have also received a login code from us then. You need to fill in this code at the top left of your screen. In this way you do not have to fill in all your data again because it will appear on your screen automatically. If you have forgotten your code, then you read above how you can request it.


I am clicking on the order button but I cannot see where I can check my order?

On top of the screen you see a button appearing with the text 'Your shopping cart'. As soon as you click on this you get into the order form.


How about prices and discounts?

All prices that are mentioned on the site are including VAT and excluding delivery charges.

If on our pricelist or on the order confirmation a price is mentioned that is incorrect, we still retain the right to charge the right price. The buyer might in that case annul the agreement by informing this in writing. Completed payments will then be paid back to the consumer as soon as possible, but within 14 days.

Discount conditions: as soon as your ordered amount is exceeding € 500,- a discount will be given on a great amount of articles from our assortment. This goes completely automatically. If you login with your code, you see the prices that apply to you directly. These special discounts begin only after your first order. So if your first order would be € 1000,- then you just get discounts at your second order. Have you ordered for example five times but together these articles have an amount of e.g. € 450,- these discounts do not apply yet.


Could I receive an offer for equipment?

All our prices including VAT are mentioned on the website. If you want a total overview of all the articles together then you have to click on order behind each article. If all these articles are ordered, click on the button with "Your Shopping cart".

The total price is mentioned there. Then you could choose to cancel the order or to order.

For firms/dockyards we could make an exception in case of regularly acquisition. In that case please contact us.


What are the delivery charges?

The delivery charges depend on the ordered article. The basic fee depends on the weight and the country. While an article is ordered, you see in your order form what the delivery charges are for your order. You could accept this and continue in the order mode or cancel the order. See page "Conditions" for details.


Is it possible to take away my order?

Yes. In our order mode you will be asked if you want the order to be delivered at your home or that you want to come to take away the order. Obviously, no delivery charges will be charged when taking away the order. In that case our programme will report this immediately. You can take away the articles on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday between 9.00 AM and 3.00 PM. On Wednesday between 9.00 AM and 1.00 PM (so after you ordered via the website so that we can put it ready for you and we can tell you if it is in stock!). You can by card or cash here.


Could I get my order delivered somewhere else than my home address?

Yes you could. You can enter a home address and a delivery address. This delivery address will also be mentioned on the account. If you own a company, you can enter the name of your company and its delivery address. Both will be mentioned on the account.


I received a message that my package has been sent, but I have not received it yet?

As soon as we sent out the package to the reported delivery address, we send you a message so that you that it will be delivered. We sent out the manageable packages via TNT post. In general they deliver the next day. We sent packages heavier than 31.5 kilo out via DHL. In principle they deliver also on the next day, although sometimes there might be one extra day between picking up the article at our store and delivering to the customer. TNT post will present the package twice at your home and in the case that you were not able to receive the package; you will get a message in the mail box that you could pick up the package at the post office. DHL will also offer it twice, but then you will have to pick it up at the closest distribution office of DHL. NOTE: this could be at a considerable distance of your home!! Therefore it is sensible to report a delivery address where (almost) always someone is present.


How can I pay?

In our order form you will be asked how you wish to pay. You can choose for transferring the amount (our account number is found on the order form or on the page 'Contact'), or for paying when taking away, or via IDEAL. Paying via IDEAL goes via Rabobank. You will be directed to the site of Rabobank and so you can perform your payment completely secure. Paying via Credit card and Visa is not possible because the costs of those transactions are extremely high. As we want to keep our prices really low and so not passing the costs to you we have chosen not to use these options.


I have placed an order but I have not received a confirmation yet?

If you passed all the steps of our order form you get a message that your order has been sent and you might print this page for your own by clicking on the “OK” button. On this page is also mentioned if you have paid already e.g. via IDEAL or that you will still need to transfer the money to our account. Therefore the account number will be mentioned on this. Moreover you receive a confirmation e-mail of your order on the reported email-address. In case you do not see/receive both an error is occurred.


I have already paid but the status order is still “not paid”?

We check payments on our account every morning. As soon as an amount is received we adjust the status of the order. However, Postbank payments have got a longer processing period. Between paying and putting the amount on the account are a few days. So bear this in mind.

Are articles in stock??

We have got the majority of the articles in stock. However we have to order some articles because of the space in our warehouse. Depending on the article we know how fast we can deliver. For example, we have articles of SMEV en WAECO in our warehouse within two days (as long as they are in stock at our supplier). Other articles will take longer. Normally, we have the orders in our warehouse within a working week. In principal, we deliver within 10 working days. In case it would take longer, you will receive a message from us. You might always cancel the order if it takes too long for you. Of course a faster delivery than 10 working days is also possible. Obviously, deliveries will happen after we have received the payment


Do you assist with the connection of my installation/equipment etc?

We could, if you encounter any nuisance with building in, give you advice by phone. However, we do not give advice for connecting/building in the whole. You could book a mechanic for this at the valid hourly rate.


Could you give an offer for building in?

Of course we could. However, you should realise that mechanics have to travel to your ship. Therefore, your ship should not be too far from Medemblik. Otherwise the travelling expenses, for your account, will be so high that it is not comparison with the activities.

We do have a quay behind our branch which you can use, after consultation, for activities.


Could I come to see the article?

We have only got a warehouse and a distribution counter here. In case you would like to see the article first then it is advisable that you report by e-mail which article you would like to see beforehand, because we do not have all the articles in stock. That prevents that you come to here for nothing.


Could I visit you and order articles?

No, we have got a web shop and a warehouse with a distribution counter. We do need an order to process this. Ordering goes via the website.


Do you also have manuals?

With the articles we sell, manuals are supplied normally. We have also posted those on the website. The manuals that we have got are mentioned with the articles as .pdf file. For this purpose click on the book icon.