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Why buying at the Watersportwinkel?

You do not just buy cheap at the de Watersportwinkel.nl, but you are also assured of thorough knowledge and workmanship of our personnel and mechanics! At our head office are always technical people stand-by to answer all your questions.


Our mechanics drive through the whole of the Netherlands and even abroad to install or to build in or to repair.

We do not just repair articles that are bought at the de Watersportwinkel.nl. Obviously you could let come a mechanic of us to look at your failure/defect. Take, for example, a heather disturbance. We are as Webasto dealer is possession of our own test bench. If you would have a heather disturbance we could connect your heather to this and see immediately what is wrong with it. We will repair this defect and test the heather again. You will get an extensive report of that test so you know immediately how your heather is standing!

Notice: we only build in equipment that is bought at de Watersportwinkel.nl or Cornelis Jongkind Scheepstechniek.

Our company has more than 20 years of experience in ship electronics and peripheral equipment. All guarantees will be guaranteed by our importers/suppliers. This means certainty for you in black and white!

Yacht Card

We have joined Yacht Card. Yacht Card is the new benefit card for the water sportsperson by which you can profit from exclusive benefits on the Dutch supply for water sports. For instance marinas and related services, such as among others: reparation and maintenance of ships, yacht hire, water sports training, water sports shop, food services at the water side and a lot more. In short, a card that will save you a lot of money. In case you are in possession of this card you will get a discount of 5% at all our equipment. Please look at the conditions on yachtcard.nl

We have got a mkbOK control mark!

Keurmerk The mkbOK control mark is an initiative from the Stichting MKB en Internet. Since establishment in 2005 the mkbOK control mark is the biggest website/web shop control mark in the Netherlands. More than 1000 entrepreneurs are allowed to conduct the mkbOK control mark.

The mkbOK control mark means for you that you know with whom you are doing business. The entrepreneur certified by the mkbOK control mark and his website(s) will satisfy the code of the control mark. The enterprise is known by the Foundation, including all the data of the administrators. Moreover the possessor of the control mark has pledged that he will collaborate to the dispute conciliation by the Stichting MKB en Internet.

Service/build in locations

With this we distinguish us from other water sports shops! :See the special page

Biggest assortment

Our web shop has more than 4000 articles. With that we are the biggest water sports web shop in the Netherlands.


We give you the best ‘no good, money back’ guarantee. If the ordered article would not satisfy your expectations then you could return the article in the original packaging and the money will be transferred back to you as soon as possible but at most within 14 days.

Shopping at watersportwinkel is the most flexible way of shopping, because you always have more choice at us to order your article as attractive as possible.

Prices are including VAT!!!