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Side Power

Bow and Stern thrusters

Side-Power introduces a new range of bow and stern thrusters: The SEP series Proportional DC Systems

The new proportionally controlled DC thrusters improve the control over your vessel and simplify maneuvering and docking. Side-Power's Speed Control System makes it possible to apply the correct amount of power needed ensuring very precise maneuvering.
Due to the controlled revs of the propellor the noise level will be reduced.

The panel intergrated LCD display gives the status of the bow and stern thuster using advanced 2-way communication via the S-Link protocol. S-Link ensures complete feedback: battery capacity, propulsion time to go and warnings are all displayed on the panel. The bow and/or stern thruster can be adjusted using the controllerpanel, which can be useful while docking in or passing a floodgate. In case the drive measures less than 50% of the maximum, the approximate clocking time will almost be infinite due to
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