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Andersen winches

Andersen windlass

To nice to have on deck. The specification of the Andersen winches:

  • Andersen windlass driving shaft is made of stainless steel AISI 329 (SIS 2324)
  • 360 adjustable self tailing arm (not with the 12ST and 28ST version)
  • The Andersen self tailing arm is bend to ensure a perfect line supply.
  • The great grip on the drum minimises the friction and increases the efficiency of the Andersen winch. -Stainless steel ball-bearing that secures the forces of the vertical and horizontal force.
  • The ball-bearing on the face of the winch, and the roller-bearing on bottom, are seperated which causes a stable drum and a high efficiency.
  • Roller-bearing have a big diameter to ensure a high efficiency.
  • Easy to maintain with fixed pawls and springs that can't explode when opening a winch.
  • Pawls are made of cold embossed stainless 316 drill steel, which makes them unbreakable.
  • Tinseled springs with a long
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