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ACH, Victron battery

The batteries of ACH stand for industrial quality at a reasonable price. The batteries are produced by renowned producers. ACH has more than 20 years experience selling batteries.
The Optima batteries are very suitable for applications where a high current is requested for a short period of time. For example starting engines and bow thrusters.
The difference between start and semi-traction batteries:

  • A start battery is designed to delivers a relatively high current for a relatively short period of time. The lead plates in the start battery are thinner. These batteries are therefore less suitable to be deeply discharge.
  • A semi-traction battery has thicker lead plates and is therefore more suitable to deliver relatively low currents for longer periods of time. These batteries are frequently used as a service bank.

The productline of VICTRON ENERGY includes sinus inverters, sinus inverter/chargers, battery chargers, DC/DC converters, switch cabinets, the smart "Battery Monitor", and more.
Victron energy has a strong and unrivalled reputation in technical innovation, reliability and durability. The products of Victron are seen worldwide as the professional choice for independent energy systems. ATTENTION: In contrast with other batteries, the Victron batteries have to be connected using cable lugs.


Accu Optima Red / YellowTop




Semi-tractie accu