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The ANDERSEN SE electric winches are also available as conversion kits to convert existing ANDERSEN hand winches to electric winches. This is possible for the winches 28ST up to the 72st. As were the 28ST and 40ST in their original design is not intended to electrify one gets when these winches a new interior and should be transfer. The conversion works with the Modular Power System: on deck is a stainless steel cover plate with the original bolts holding the winch mounted and stuck the drive motor is inserted through the deck and put fixed with a flat nut. The winch is now attached to the stainless steel cover plate. Thereby a very simple and robust assembly is obtained which itself is carried out by many ship owners.
For the conversion kits same dimensions as the complete electrical winches and they also come with a description, relay box and stainless steel control knob applies.